Purenic- Nicotine Manufacturer & Supplier
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PURENIC - Leading Nicotine Manufacturer and Supplier

Purenic is an FDA approved WHO GMP certified Nicotine Manufacturer. It is vertically integrated facility starting its extraction from tobacoo leaves to the Purified Nicotine and its derivatives ensuring its Nicotine/products users of consistent high purity products. Moreover, Nicotine is manufactured in a dedicated GMP facility avoiding all contamination risks. Nicotine /derivatives are available directly from the company or its suppliers /distributors.

Know your nicotine

A  e-liquid  manufacturer  should have enough knowledge about the ingredients of  e-liquid  to  make his  E-liquids superior and best in the market. NICOTINE is  specially important since it gives the kick. We have this  window to increase your  NICOTINE knowledge- what it is, how it is manufactued,  what  impurites  it  can carry....... Read More

Why BGP' Nicotine ?

Your e-liquids deserve to be the most popular and safest ones. PURENIC  Nicotine demonstrates your customers that you are using the purest  available NICOTINE that  is  made in a quality  assuring  facilty . BGP presents    reasons to  choose  their  NICOTINE and  dilutions  here.... Read More

About BGP Health Care

Know  the  company  behind your  NICOTINE .  It  is  a  pharmaceutical manufacturing  company  with a  experience of  NICOTINE of  over  35 years..... Read More

Quality Assurance

The  quality  of  NICOTINE you  get  should be assured continuously.  You have to  know the  quality  systems ,  the  quality assurance  systems of  the  source of  NICOTINE........... Read More

How to Get Our Products

NICOTINE and  dilutions  are  stocked in  Europe and  available duty free in EU free circulation. We want them to  deliver  as  fast  as  possible...... Read More

Trust in BGP Health Care, Your Nicotine Dilutions Manufacturer

At BGP Europe AG, we aim to be the trusted as an only nicotine dilutions manufacturer you need. No matter the end use or the type of product you need, you can depend on our team to provide you with exceptional service and the highest quality of vegetable glycerin E liquid.

TA Versatile, Integrated Nicotine Dilutions Supplier

When you put BGP Europe AG to work for you as an e-liquid manufacturer, we provide you with exceptional quality. We use a vertically integrated facility. Our extraction begins with the tobacco leaves. We then produce purified nicotine and its derivatives. This ensures you – as a nicotine or products user to always have access to a consistent level of high purity in all of its products. We manufacture this product in a dedicated GMP facility. This ensures there is no risk of contamination. This makes us a trusted nicotine manufacturer.


You need propylene glycol e liquid that is of the highest form – nothing else will produce the type of product you need for your business or for your product. At BGP Europe AG, we spend the extra time ensuring the very best products are available and treated in the most appropriate manner possible. As a nicotine supplier of the highest regard, we take pride in our extensive education and knowledge in nicotine products. It's essential to take time to consider who is going to produce your nicotine products for you. At BGP Europe AG you can trust us to provide you with exceptional results any time you turn to us for the product you need. Contact us today to discuss your needs. Let us prove to you that we are the best nicotine dilutions manufacturer available today. When you need vegetable glycerin e liquid, contact our team first.