About BGP Health Care




BGP Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is a company of one of the expanding BGP group with employees over 500 & turnover in millions with three facilities in India. Setup in 1976, it has its focus on strategic & unique products derived from natural sources. BGP Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company with world largest dedicated facility for Nicotine & its salts catering to pharma multinational customers manufacturing Nicotine chewing gums, Nicotine patches & lozenges and even the e-cigarettes.

The company is regularly audited for quality compliance systems by its customers. The company follows best cGMP practices & has a matured  quality system that guarantees continuous consistent quality. BGP Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has its own contract farms for tobacco which enables it greater control on quality chains which are further processed in its two facilities that yield a high quality Nicotine USP/EP.

The company is located in Gujarat state of India where eminent industrial infrastructure & skilled manpower are available.

It has its own research lab for development of new products & a well established quality control lab where all raw material to finished products are tested with along with in-house & stability testing.

In nutshell, being a pharma unit, following cGMP, well established laboratory, established quality systems ,  dedicated facility & its own supply chain guarantees its customers consistent high quality products & continuous supply consistence that you can rely on.


The company  cares  its  environment impact through  ISO 14001  and  safety of  its  employees  is  monitered by  OHSAS 18001.




You  can  visit the companys website  on  www.bgpgroup.biz