Nicotine USP/EP Graded Products

Frequently   Asked  Questions :


1)  Can  I  get a sample of  Pure Liquid Nicotine ?

Yes  we  can provide you a  sample of   35 ml of Nicotine or  1  liter of  Nicotine free of  cost  . You only have to pay the  FEDEX charges of  hazardous  packing and freight charges of USD  250  per sample.


2) Can I get a sample of  dilution Nicotine ?

Yes we can  provide diluted Nicotine sample  from our  Swiss  office  at  FEDEX charges


3) Is  Nicotine handling safe ?

Nicotine can  be safely handled in the  laboratory  or the  production  by  following all  precautions  given in the  Safety data sheet of  Nicotine.


4) Why does Nicotine  get  yellow  over  time ?

NIcotine when freshly  manufactures is  colourless. Nicotine is  sesitive  to  oxygen  and  gets  yellow  over  time in contact with  oxygen.  There is no effect  on the purity  even  if  it  gets  coloured and you can use it  without any consequences. Some manufacturers claim their  Nicotine to be  Colourless ,  odourless and tasteless which is wrong. Nicotine when  100 %  pure  is  colourless compound  having its unique  odour  and taste.


5) How  do  I  purchase  Pure  Liquid  Nicotine or  dilutions  in Europe ?


BGP  Europe  AG  is a company established  in  Swiss for  serving its  customers  in Europe.  Nicotine and dilutions  are stocked in  Basel for  duty paid  delivery  throughout  Europe  just in a matter of  days.  You just need to send  an inquiry to  Mr.  Fabrice  vanin   on  saleseurope@purenic.biz


6) How do I  purchase  Pure liquid Nicotine or  dilutions  in  US ?


The  company  is  planning to open an  office in US  and  have  stocks  in US  for  easier and faster  deliveries to our  customers.  At  present  the   delivieries for the  US are from  India . You  can  contact on  jbpatel@bgpgroup.biz  for  orders .


7) Which  pack sizes are  available for Pure Liquid  Nicotine orders ?


Pure liquid Nicotine is available in 1 kgs HPDE  bottles carrying a  BGP logo  .  The bottle is  tamperproff  . 25 kgs  stainless steel drums are available for its  bulk  customers.