Quality Assurance

Nicotine USP/EP Graded Products

BGP guarantees quality of Nicotine USP/EP based on following facts:


  1. Product  knowledge since  1976
  2. Grass root facility with sufficient infrastructure built on propreitory  process  & operation of pilot plants.
  3. Dedicated  cGMP facility for  Nicotine products
  4. Intregration from own tobacco farms to the final product gives full control over the supply chain.
  5. Full fledge Quality Control Department to analyze raw materials, packing materials & finished products inhouse.
  6. Regulatory US Drug Master file No: 23485  & Certificate of Suitability No:  2010-082 available to support your regulatory requirement.
  7. Full fledged Quality Assuarance Department to continuously monitor Quality Systems & cGMP ensuring Quality Assuarance of products manufactured by BGP.
  8. cGMP  certified  by  WHO