Propylene Glycol in e liquid

Nicotine USP/EP Graded Products

Nicotine USP/EP dilutions in PG are used to dilute the Nicotine to the desired content before it is inhaled. Propylene Glycol is preferred over Vegetable Glycerin for a good throat hit. It produces less smoke as compared to the VG however. Nicotine is diluted with propylene glycol liquid in a GMP facility to ensure very high purity products and packed in food grade containers. The solution is passed through quality control tests and a certificate of analysis is available with each lot.


*Manufactured using pharma grade BGP’s PURE LIQUID NICOTINE USP/EP and Propylene Glycol USP.


* Manufactured in European GMP facilities with sophisticated machineries.


* Products thoroughly tested as per the specifications before release.


* Use of pharmaceutical grade raw materials Nicotine and PG, GMP facilities and thorough analytical process applied in the manufacturing process guarantees the purity and color of the dilutions.


* The dilutions come in various grades from 0.6% to 10% and custom made also to suite your requirements.


* Packed in tamperproof and duly labeled food grade plastic bottles.


* Available in 20, 50,100 and 200 liters packs.


* Available ex-stock in Basel ready to be delivered for faster deliveries directly to customers.




Nicotine in PG datasheet