Pure Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarette


pure liquid nicotine


Nicotine is the chief ingredient of e-juice which gives the kick. Nicotine is freely available in the market. When it comes to be used in the e-juice, it should be pharma grade either USP or EP at a minimum. It should be produced under a FDA license in a GMP facility. Moreover, it has to be tested for the USP/EP specifications before consumption. Many PPM level impurities not listed in the USP/EP specifications should also be to a minimum. Whenever you buy your Nicotine or their dilutions, you should ensure the above. E-liquid suppliers/manufacturers prefer pharma grade nicotine. They buy pure liquid nicotine from distributors of Nicotine. E-juice is also known as e-cigarette liquid or e-liquid.


* Nicotine is gently extracted from selective tobacco leaves from its own tobacco farms in a dedicated cGMP facility.


* SUPERIOR QUALITY because the pharma grade Nicotine USP/EP from BGPs facility goes to pharmaceutical products like Nicotine patches and Nicotine chewing gums. Nicotine lozenges are now available for the striving e-liquids. Since BGP is a pharma company, its products are manufactured in cGMP facilities and regularly audited by its international customers. The company has matured quality systems to assure the highest quality products.


* Pesticide free product. No pesticides are used on the tobacco crops.


* SUPERIOR Color, Neutral Flavor, Consistent Nicotine USP/EP for e-liquids.


* Supported by Certificate of Suitability from European Directorate of Quality Medicines.


* Five years Shelf Life supported by Stability data.


* Delivered duty paid in EU free circulation.


* Available in 1, 2.5 and 25 kg packs.


* Stocked in Basel, Switzerland.


* Technical and regulatory support to the customer.





Datasheet Nicotine Free base


MSDS Nicotine USP-EP