Vegetable Glycerin in E-Liquid

Nicotine USP/EP Graded Products

Nicotine USP/EP or high purity Nicotine is recommended for the e-juices for the e-cigarettes. Since there is a need to dilute them for the end use, high purity Vegetable Glycerin is used for diluting either directly or in combination with Propylene Glycol. Both of them should be USP grade. The Nicotine dilution should be made in a GMP facility to ensure its integrity for human consumption. Smokers prefer VG for more clouds compared to the PG. Moreover, VG gives a less throat hit. Most of the e-juices in the market now prefer vegetable glycerin e liquid. Vegetable Glycerin for vaping should be USP grade which ensures pure vegetable glycerin.


*  Manufactured using pharma grade BGP’s pure liquid Nicotine USP/EP and Glycerol USP/EP.


* Manufactured in European GMP facilities using sophisticated machineries.


* Products thoroughly tested before release.


* Use of pharma grade raw materials, GMP facilities and thorough analytical testing applied in the manufacturing process guarantees purity, color and consistent quality.


* Available in various grades from 0.6% to 10% and also custom made.


* Packed in tamperproof duly labeled food grade plastic bottles.


* Available in 20, 50,100 and 200 liters packing.


* Available ex-stock in Basel ready to deliver.




Datasheet for Nicotine in VG